High Rocks

High rocksThese days, every good film camera needs a good scanner. But not every good scanner comes with good film carriers. Take for example the marvellous Epson Perfection 750 Pro – it’s brilliant! Which makes it even more surprising that it comes with film holders that look like they’ve been made by Fisher Price.

So we were very pleased recently (during a late-night eBay session) to find a replacement 120-size negative carrier from Doug Fisher at BetterScanning.com. Doug’s carriers feel like they’re made by Rolls Royce, and this one came with a sheet of anti-Newton ring glass that holds our negs and trannies as flat as a pancake for extra image-quality goodness.

Let the re-scanning of old photos begin! Here’s one from a l-o-n-g time ago taken at High Rocks in Kent. I think it was on a Bronica SQAi that stayed for a while – nice, but not as nice as the ‘blad.

• Bronica SQAi with 80mm lens. Kodak Portra 160 developed at Multiprint.