E457 MFL


For quite some time Leica was carted around in a bag as an everyday camera. Back and forth. Back and forth. The same journey from home to work. Back and forth. For years this car lay half covered by a tarpaulin, until one day Leica could contain herself no longer. She leapt out of the bag, marched up the drive and snapped a picture. Then legged it before anyone could come after her shouting “Oi! What are you doing?”


The fishing fleet


Throwback Thursday: When Leica went to The Gambia back in 2011 she enjoyed flexing her photojournalist bones. This picture shows the fishing fleet in Banjul coming in to shore with the day’s catch. Fishermen ran up the beach from their boats carrying trays of fish above their heads. On the pier locals bargained with sellers for the best deals, and Leica got shouted at a couple of times for being too sneaky when taking pictures.

The Queen’s Cloisters

Queens cloistersYou’re not always allowed into Cambridge Colleges, and even then you’re not allowed to just wander anywhere. But Leica is a discreet little thing – she sneaks in when no one is looking and works quietly without making a fuss.

This was taken on the day Leica sneaked into Queen’s College, Cambridge for a look around. Low sunshine streaming in through the archways of the cloister. What’s not to like about a day like that?

• Leica M6 TTL and 35mm f/2 Summicron. Kodak CN400, developed by Snappy Snaps.