Appleby horse fair


The lovely town of Appleby in the Lake District is a wonderful place, so we’ve been upset to see reports of the flooding happening there at the moment. This is a portrait from happier times in Appleby and shows one of the travellers that make a pilgrimage to the area every August for the annual horse fair. It was grabbed with a Holga that leaks like a sieve, hence the rather spectacular psychedelic fogging.

• Holga GF with Kodak Portra 400 (out of date)

The pub portrait

1015_022Nikon is a friend of ours. He’s been a bit full of himself since he was described favourably as “the very best cameras ever made by Nikon, or anyone.” It’s given him a lot of confidence that – to be honest –  some people find annoying.

For example, while out for a drink with a friend one evening he spied this spivy-looking chap sitting on the other side of the pub. As bold as brass he gets up and marches over to the poor guy, who’s enjoying a drink with his girlfriend. He buts into the conversation and says “Alright!? Can I take yer picture, mate?”

“Um, yeah” the guy says. “If you like.”

“Click, whir. Click, whir. Click, whir,” says Nikon. “Can you just look over here for a minute?”

“Err, actually no. I think that’s enough now.”

“Oh. Right. Fair enough.”

Everyone likes to see a smart arse put back in their box, don’t they.

• Nikon FM3a with 35mm f/1.4 lens. Kodak Tri-X developed in D76

High Rocks

High rocksThese days, every good film camera needs a good scanner. But not every good scanner comes with good film carriers. Take for example the marvellous Epson Perfection 750 Pro – it’s brilliant! Which makes it even more surprising that it comes with film holders that look like they’ve been made by Fisher Price.

So we were very pleased recently (during a late-night eBay session) to find a replacement 120-size negative carrier from Doug Fisher at Doug’s carriers feel like they’re made by Rolls Royce, and this one came with a sheet of anti-Newton ring glass that holds our negs and trannies as flat as a pancake for extra image-quality goodness.

Let the re-scanning of old photos begin! Here’s one from a l-o-n-g time ago taken at High Rocks in Kent. I think it was on a Bronica SQAi that stayed for a while – nice, but not as nice as the ‘blad.

• Bronica SQAi with 80mm lens. Kodak Portra 160 developed at Multiprint.