…the three cameras

They say that good things come in threes, and these three are great. They eat mainly Tri-X and FP4, but have been known to binge on colour film too. And they have friends, who may get invited to post here too from time to time.


PrintHasselblad is a big old thing. He used be a rugby player, you know. A number 8 actually. He has heft and he’s proud of it. He’s loud too – you can hear his mirror from miles away. Not the most subtle tool in the box.

Sadly, Hasselblad is a cheating philanderer. He might look all classic, like he eats nothing but Tri-X, but then he goes off and shoots digital behind our backs with his mistress, the CFV digital back. Oh well, we still like him. Because everyone loves a bad boy really, don’t they?


PrintLeica is a child of the ’80s. She loves leg warmers, Wham! and she used to crimp her hair. She loves going places and seeing things, usually through her 35mm f/2 eyes, although she’s been know to pop on her 50mm f/2.8 spectacles to take a closer look.

Being of German descent, Leica sports an elegant design that is all about being efficient. Vorsprung durch photographique.


03RolleiflexHe’s getting on a bit, but he still has the chops to shoot a good picture. Rollei (or ‘Mr Grey’ as we call him)  stems from 1959 and was found hiding at the back of a charity shop. We sent him to rehab in Liverpool for a bit, and now he’s back and fighting fit.

He might be old, but he’s got those classic looks that just get better with age. “Wow, nice camera!” people say, and Rollei just smiles to himself – quietly confident. He’s just like Roger Moore, isn’t he?

Special guests

From time to time we invite special friends to post on the blog. There is a Nikon FM3a who likes to hang around a bit, and a Pentax MX (child of the ’70s!) who’s pretty damned cool. They’re usually too busy for all this blogging lark, but you never know – they might pop by every now and again.

The photographer

1015_032-EditWhere would a nice camera be without a nice person to press the button, eh? Ian Farrell is a photographer living in Cambridge UK with his partner, baby daughter and an awful lot of of cameras. He shoots portraits and likes to tell stories with his pictures. He also writes about photography for the press and has published a couple of books on the subject.

He loves to write about himself in the third person, and needs to get out a bit more.

You can see more of Ian’s photos on his portfolio website ianfarrell.com or by following him on Instagram. He’s not very good on Facebook, but you can have a look there every now and again too.